What is Building Thermal Modelling?

Building Thermal Modelling or Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) is accurate whole building performance simulation. DSM is commonly known as a Thermal Model which can be used to carry out building compliance assessments under the SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) approach to satisfy ROI Regulations Part L. The advantage of progressing your SBEM into a Thermal Model / DSM is down to the increased accuracy achieved from 3D modelling a building. ROI regulations currently require all rooms that have been identified in SBEM reports with a possibility of overheating to be modelled against CIBSE TM 52. In order to assess against TM 52 a thermal model must be carried out, carrying out all calculations through DSM will reduce doubling up on consultancy fees.

DSM models are used by sustainable design experts around the globe to produce an accurate, sub-hourly, thermal simulation of new and existing buildings of any size and complexity. This model incorporates air flow from ventilation and openings to reflect the impact it has throughout the building. The model uses actual weather / solar data specific to site location.

DoES Report

Required by the Department of Education and Skills in relation to overheating and day lighting. Please contact our office if this specialist service is required

Did You Know?

England and Wales – From April 2018 it will be unlawful to grant a new lease or renew a lease on a property with an EPC rating worse than ‘E’.
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