What is the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)?

ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) presents a new and significant opportunity for large UK businesses. In fact, UK Government predicts that ESOS could help deliver savings of nearly £2bn.

ESOS is new piece of EU legislation which requires member states to introduce a mandatory programme of energy audits for ‘large enterprises’. This means over 9000 of Britain’s biggest companies will be required to comply – with the initial audits to be undertaken by 5th December 2015.

As a minimum, large organisations (those with more than 250 employees or a turnover in excess of €50M) will be required to review total energy use from their business operations, including building energy use, transport energy use and industrial processes. You are required to calculate the amount of energy used per employee, and identify potential measures that could save energy.

Key Facts

  • ESOS has been derived by a European Directive and aims to cut energy consumption by highlighting opportunities for savings

  • The entire energy consumption of the business is considered including: Heating & Cooling; Appliances; Processes; Transport etc.

  • Reviewed every 4 years.

  • Companies with >250 employees or turnover >£38m stg must comply.

  • Compliance (or assessor appointment) required by 5 December 2015.

How we can help?

At 360 Energy we aim to turn the inconvenience of compliance with further legislation into an opportunity. We understand you have a business to run and we endeavour to gather the information we require with the minimum inconvenience to you.

We are commercially motivated and have experience as developers of renewable and energy efficient installations working closely with partners.

Whilst your ESOS audit will be undertaken by a fully independent assessor in line with EU guidelines the final report will be grounded in financial reality and post compliance can form the basis for a fully financed proposal if desired.

Once appointed as Lead Assessor, we can inform the Environment Agency on your behalf, therefore buying the necessary time to undertake a more comprehensive, worthwhile audit and avoiding any penalties for non-compliance.

Business Energy Audits

Similar to Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), a Business Energy Audit is a full review of your commercial premises and is conducted by our accredited energy surveyors. The audit advises what steps can be taken in order to make energy savings. Unlike ESOS, there is no requirement to comply with legislation as we have the flexibility to determine the scope and therefore the cost of the audit.

Our commercial energy surveyors will analyse and provide a full report on your current electricity, gas, and water consumption, as well as your carbon dioxide emissions and annual energy spend. The objective of the Commercial Energy Audit is to highlight the physical and behavioural changes that will reduce energy consumption. The savings from each of the change measures is shown, along with the associated payback period.

Some of the energy savings suggested by your Energy Audit will be energy saving devices that can help you reduce your energy consumption. These energy saving devices could be timers, boiler controls, energy efficient lighting, or motion sensors, to name but a few. Each will be shown with the energy saving it would achieve, the carbon footprint reduction, and the expected payback period.

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Customers who have benefited from our Energy Audits

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“The team at 360 Energy provided a professional and efficient energy review – would highly recommend!”

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“The team at 360 Energy provided a professional and efficient energy review – would highly recommend!”

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