Wireless Heating Controls

Total Control over heating

In commercial properties, particularly the residential sector, controlling the temperature of rooms in older properties can be difficult to say the least. The existing plumbing system may have no thermostatic control and even those that do generally cover an entire floor or wing of the property. Rooms may be too hot or too cold depending on the occupant or some may be unoccupied, resulting in wasted energy.

Until now the only solution was to install a new heating system with associated controls and a building energy management system. The cost of replacing the system and the associated re-decoration works makes these improvements prohibitive as the payback on the investment may run to 15-20 years. The resulting attitude of ‘if it’s not broke don’t fix it’ was in most cases the correct approach.

We can now offer a retrofit wireless heating control solution that works with the existing heating system, requires no redecoration and allows each room to be thermostatically controlled from a remote location. Wireless, thermostatically controlled radiator valves open and close individual (or groups of) radiators to maintain the desired temperature at all times. Not only does this equate to energy savings of over 20% in most cases it also increases resident’s and staff comfort levels.

In a nursing home the corridors can be slightly cooler to help the staff whilst the rooms can be adjusted to the resident’s desired temperature. The lack of a wall mounted stat means that the system is ‘tamper proof’ and can be controlled from the office only. The software is simple to use and can be remotely accessed, allowing us to fine tune the system over the first year to optimise performance.

In relation to a hotel or B&B the minimum daytime temperature can be set at 15deg to maintain a background heat and the individual rooms boosted to 21deg from reception as the guests check in. Adjustment to temperature can be made with a couple of clicks with no need to visit the room.

0% carbon trust loans over 4 years are available and the majority of systems have a payback of around 3 years. This results in improved comfort and functionality for no capital outlay positive cash flow from year 3 or 4 onwards!

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