Sound Insulation Testing (Part E)

In line with the continuous improvement of building regulations relating to dwellings, privacy and noise pollution are now considered where new dwellings have party walls or floors. For the builder or developer there are two options:

Sound insulation testing, or pre-completion testing must be carried out on new build properties as well as converted properties. A property will either require an Airborne test or an Airborne and Impact test. Airborne tests are carried out on separating walls between habitable rooms of flats and houses.

Airborne and Impact tests are carried out on the separating floors between habitable rooms of flats. Sound insulation testing must comply with Building Regulations Approved Document E.

Do I need a Sound Insulation Test?

Under Building Regulations Approved Document E you will require sound insulation testing if you are:

  • Building a block or blocks of flats

  • Building a hotel, hostel or house of multiple occupancy

  • Building terraced or semi-detached houses

  • Converting a building whereby you create more dwellings than previously existed (eg converting a house or offices into residential dwellings)

Sound insulation tests are not required on:

  • Detached dwellings

  • Refurbishment projects

If you’re not sure, give us a call and we can talk you through the regulations and your options.

Complete Package

Along with energy calculations we can save clients time and money by providing a complete package of SAP/Air test/ Sound Test/ EPC (or commercial equivalent). We negotiate a minimum number of tests on your behalf and limit the number of site visits to drive down overall cost. Contact us for more details.